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Make a Donation

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Why support us?

We are a niche funder.  We use our knowledge of the legal system and local communities to generate the biggest impacts. We invest in projects that improve people’s lives, empower them for the future, and achieve basic fairness in our legal system.

  • Your support delivers legal help to struggling people and families with legal problems affecting vital needs, like housing, family stability, and protection from abuse.
  • Your aid helps to ensure that everyone, regardless of financial resources, receives meaningful access to our justice system.

Our fundraising activities you can contribute to:

  • Support our annual Access to Justice Campaign
  • Participate in the Extraordinary Give!
  • Arbitration Fee Donation Program: lawyers participating in Lancaster County’s arbitration program can donate some or all of their fees directly to the Foundation.
  • Our endowment with the Lancaster County Community Fund
  • To discuss a charitable gift annuity or other planned giving options, please contact Executive Director Lisa Driendl-Miller.