PBI - Evidence for Trial Lawyers

4/1/2019 at 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Event Description

Featuring Professor Stephen D. Easton

Steve Easton introduces a new generation to Irving Younger's landmark work with this practice-driven program. Irving Younger's classic presentation on evidence law is reborn in video form and offered with live commentary and a shared passion and real-world practicality by Professor Easton.

Evidence for Trial Lawyers

spans the chasm between theoretical possibility and everyday reality. It emphasizes the rules that actually affect real trial lawyers in real jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, proceedings before administrative law judges, and other hearings.

Program highlights

  • Learn classic and contemporary approaches
  • Reconcile the rules of evidence law with the modern considerations of the craft of advocacy
  • Be entertained and discover valuable, practical tips that will benefit your courtroom skills
Lancaster Bar Association
28 E. Orange St.
Lancaster PA 17602