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Members/Legal Professionals

Lancaster Law Review

Early Submission Deadline: The Lancaster Law Review will have an early submission deadline for the October 11 holiday. Submissions for the October 15 journal must be received October 7 by 3:00pm.

The Lancaster Law Review is Lancaster County’s legal periodical of record.  The Bar Association publishes the Law Review every Friday.  The Law Review contains:

  • Legal advertisements and public notices
  • Job postings within the legal community
  • Recent Lancaster County judicial opinions
  • Attorney continuing legal education opportunities
  • Local court announcements

It is available in electronic format at  Over 750 attorneys, legal professionals, title insurers, and others receive the journal, making the Lancaster Law Review a great opportunity to bring awareness to your firm or business.       


Posting Legal Notices in the Law Review

Click here for step-by-step instructions on placing a legal ad with us. Please contact us with any questions. 

2021 Lancaster Law Review Price List

You may email, mail, or fax legal notices to us.


Mail:    Lancaster Law Review
             28 E. Orange St.
             Lancaster, PA 17602

Fax:      717-393-0221

Please note: All legal notices must be submitted in typewritten format and are published exactly as submitted by the advertiser. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Neither the Lancaster Law Review nor the Printer will assume responsibility to edit, make spelling corrections, eliminate errors in grammar or make any changes in content.

For more information about the forms and information needed to publish legal ads and notices, visit the Lancaster County Courthouse Self Help Center online or on the first floor of the Lancaster County Courthouse or consider using our Lawyer Referral Service.

Commercial Advertisements in the Lancaster Law Review

The Law Review is a great opportunity to bring awareness to your firm or business. Click here to learn more about placing a commercial advertisement. Contact Kaitlyn, 717-393-0737 or, with questions and/or interest. 

Law Review Subscriptions

  • Lancaster Bar Association Members: Free
  • Non-Members: $87.00 per year (appx. 52 weekly issues)
  • Single Issue Order: $3.50 plus tax