LBA Committees

Committees handle vital governance and program operations on behalf of the LBA Board & Membership.  To learn about Committee participation, please contact the chairpersons directly, or contact LBA Executive Director Lisa Driendl-Miller.


  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Advances and supports the use of ADR (mediation and arbitration) as a viable alternative to litigation.  There are cost- and time-saving benefits to the use of ADR which enhance its utilization in dispute resolution. 

  • Diversity

The purpose of the Diversity Committee is to strengthen and expand the LBA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Lancaster legal community, to take a leadership role in increasing diversity of the legal profession in Lancaster, and to serve as a liaison with other organizations with similar objectives.

  • Fee Arbitration

The Fee Arbitration Committee provides attorneys and their clients with the opportunity to resolve fee disputes through binding arbitration.  If both sides agree to binding arbitration a panel of arbitrators consisting of three attorneys of the Lancaster Bar Association is assembled and the case is heard by the panel.  A decision by the panel is binding on the parties.  If both parties do not agree to arbitration, the case cannot proceed in arbitration, and must proceed in a different forum. 

  • Law Review:

Oversees weekly publication of the Lancaster Law Review - the County's legal periodical of record.  The Committee works closely with LBA staff to manage Law Review content, including legal notices, advertisements, judicial opinions, and other information of interest to the broader legal community. 

  • Lawyer Referral Service:

Provides attorney referrals in response to public requests for legal services.  LBA staff, who manage LRS, direct legal services seekers LBA Members who are signed up with LRS.  LRS is not a pro bono service.

The LRS program works as follows:

1) potential clients pay a nominal fee to the LRS

2) the responding attorney provides a 30-minute consult to that potential client at no additional charge

3) after the initial 30 minutes, the responding attorney charges the client at that attorney’s rate, and;

4) the responding attorney remits a set percentage of fees back to the LRS for the given client matter referred to that attorney. 

  • Long Range Planning

Responsible for Association strategic planning on all matters impacting the Association's ability to carry out its mission, and LBA Members' well-being. 

  • Nominating

Recruits LBA Members for governance positions, develops annual nominee slates for elected positions, and advances those slates at Annual Meetings (or as otherwise needed). 

  • Public Service:

Develops and implements service projects for LBA Members.  Projects may take shape as traditional pro bono work or more general community service engagements.  The Committee closely communicates with the Lancaster Law Foundation.