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Lawyer Referral Service - Attorneys

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Are you a Lancaster Bar Association Member and looking to increase your revenue? Consider joining the Lawyer Referral Service.

In 2019, we sent out 647 referrals and LRS attorneys brought in a combined total of over $130,000.00 in revenue!

  • On average, we refer over 600 cases to LRS panel attorneys annually.
  • We serve clients with a wide variety of civil and criminal issues.

How LRS Works – the Basics:

  • The LBA/LRS does initial client intake and a short case workup.
  • A client pays a $50 administrative fee to the LBA/LRS before the referral is made.
  • The LBA contacts referral panel attorneys, in rotation order, and coordinates a referral.
    • Conflict checks are required
    • If the attorney accepts the referral, the LBA forwards its case workup and client contact information.
    • The LBA/LRS may help arrange an initial consult, or direct the client to contact the attorney’s office.
    • Accepting a referral is up to the attorney.  If an attorney declines a referral, their name is moved to the bottom of that panel’s rotation.
  • The attorney provides a 30-minute consultation at no charge to the client. The attorney informs the client prior to the consult that they must make mutually agreed fee arrangements for services beyond the 30-minute consult. 

Learn more about the program and join today!  Contact Elizabeth Reed at 717-393-0737.