Members/Legal Professionals
Members/Legal Professionals

Lawyer Referral Service for Attorneys

Are you a member of the Lancaster Bar Association seeking to boost your earnings? We invite you to become a part of our Lawyer Referral Service.

In the past year alone, we facilitated 761 referrals, leading to a combined revenue exceeding $290,000.00.


On an annual basis, our LRS panel attorneys receive an average of over 700 case referrals. Our service covers a wide range of civil and criminal matters.

How our Lawyer Referral Service operates:

  1. Initial client intake and brief case evaluation are conducted by LBA/LRS.
  2. Before a referral is initiated, clients submit a $50 administrative fee to LBA/LRS.
  3. Referral panel attorneys are contacted by LBA in rotation, with coordination of the referral.
  4. Mandatory conflict checks are performed.
  5. Upon acceptance of the referral, LBA shares case details and client contact information.
  6. LBA/LRS may assist in scheduling an initial consultation or direct the client to the attorney's office.
  7. The decision to accept a referral lies with the attorney. Declining a referral moves the attorney's name to the bottom of the panel's rotation.
  8. Attorneys provide a complimentary 30-minute consultation to the client. Prior to the consultation, the attorney informs the client about any mutually agreed fee arrangements for services beyond the initial 30 minutes.


    Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your practice through our program. For more information and to join, reach out to Mackenzie at or call 717-393-0737, Ext. 205.

    Explore the following resource for further details:

    2023 LRS Member Application, Agreement, and Rules & Procedures