Lancaster Courts
Lancaster Courts

Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas


The Lancaster County court held its first session in August of 1729 at a local tavern. The first courthouse wasn't constructed until a few years later in 1737. Much has changed since then, click here for more history.

The modern Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas handles:

  • serious criminal and civil trials
  • proceedings involving family and child-custody law
  • appeals from Magisterial District Courts

The Court of Common Pleas also administers specialized treatment courts for qualified criminal offenders to build recovery and wellness into the criminal justice process.  In many cases, successful participation leads to reduced punishments.  And offenses may be removed from criminal records.  

  • Drug Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Veterans Court

For people who wish to represent themselves without a lawyer, there is self-help center in the Courthouse

The Court of Common Pleas is housed in the Lancaster County Courthouse, along with many of the county court system offices.