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Classroom HeroesClassroom Heroes

The members of the Lancaster Bar Association are thinking about the teachers in our community, and the tremendous impact that COVID-19 has had on the lives and careers of our educators. Teachers have always been one of the primary foundations of our community, however, with the added stress of COVID-19 they  have taken on a new level of responsibility in a way that is truly heroic. In recognition of the ever-increasing number of worries and concerns our community’s classroom heroes have for both their students and their families, and in an effort to alleviate one potentially-significant source of stress, the Lancaster Bar Association and the Lancaster Law Foundation are offering a free phone consultation and signing appointment with an attorney to provide teachers and their spouses with a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney.

A Living Will documents your end-of-life wishes should you become unable to carry them out yourself. Although each Living Will is created with a hope that it will never be necessary that it actually be put to use, it is also carefully constructed to insure that the primary intentions of the individual for whom it is drafted are accurately recorded. While we certainly are encouraged as more and more people observe the precautions and safety measures which have been recommended to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we also encourage local teachers and their spouses to take advantage of this free service as a means of providing them with additional clarity with respect to their important life decisions, and with an increase in their peace of mind. 

Everyone over the age of 18 who has capacity should have a Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney in place. A Living Will expresses your wishes should you become unable to verbally make or communicate your health care choices, and be in an end-stage medical condition or permanently unconscious. You can state your desire to have certain extraordinary medical interventions withheld or withdrawn “if they serve only to prolong the process of my dying;” that is, if there is no realistic hope of your significant recovery. A Health Care Power of Attorney appoints one or more persons to make health care decisions on your behalf both in an end-of-life context, or even if you are just temporarily unable to make and express your own decisions. The two documents go hand-in-hand, and the phrase “advance health care directive” can mean either of those two documents, or a written combination of the two. 

Click here to fill out and submit the Classroom Heroes Request Form.

Click here to read about Classroom Heroes in the Lancaster Newspaper.

The War of the Roses Charity Softball Game

In 2017, the Lancaster Bar Association and the York County Bar Association engaged in the inaugural War of the Roses softball game. The LBA Lions, representing the Red Rose City, took on the YCBA Batting Barristers of the White Rose City. 

The game raises funds for law-related programs that serve our counties’ most vulnerable people and families. Proceeds go to our two county bar foundations, the PA Bar Foundation, and the PA Legal Aid Network (PLAN).

Winner (Results):

2020: Not held due to CDC restrictions

2019: Lancaster Lions. (24-19). Venue: PeoplesBank Park

2018: Lancaster Lions (25-7). Venue: Clipper Magazine Stadium

2017: York Batting Barristers (7-5). Venue: PeoplesBank Park

LBA Cabaret and Silent Auction

The Lancaster Law Foundation hosts charity fundraisers featuring the musical talents of their very own colleagues! Bringing the entire events together, we proudly welcomed our special guest emcee, WGAL anchor/reporter Lori Burkholder! Many came out to support both their talented colleagues and a great nonprofit cause!

2019: All Proceeds benefited local nonprofit, Crispus Attucks Unstoppables Drill Team & Drum Squad for new uniforms.

2018: The proceeds were provided to Swan 4 Kids, a support group for children affected by parental incarceration providing free music lessons.

Criminal Record Expungement Clinics

Our volunteer attorneys help Lancaster residents knock down barriers to getting jobs. We have partnered with PA CareerLinkMidPenn Legal Services, and the Office of PA Representative Mike Sturla to meet with Lancaster residents who are concerned that past criminal records will interfere with getting and keeping jobs and housing. 

We want all community members to have a shot at self-sufficiency, for themselves and their families. We help determine if their criminal records can be expunged, sealed, or pardoned.

We hold CLE classes to train lawyers for clinics, with free credits for volunteers. We also offer experienced mentors onsite at clinics. 

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