Lancaster Courts
Lancaster Courts

Kenderdine Self-Help Center

Judge Henry S. Kenderdine Jr. Self Help Center

Location: 1st floor of the Lancaster County Courthouse.

The Center provides one central location where self-represented litigants can obtain information and forms that they may need to represent themselves in certain types of court actions.


  • Center staff do not give legal advice or help fill out court forms.
  • Information in self-help packets is not a substitute for professional legal advice tailored to a specific situation.

These info packets may be purchased at the Center or downloaded free from the Center's website:

  • How to file for custody ($10)
  • How to modify a custody order ($10)
  • How to file for contempt of a custody order ($10)
  • Custody relocation process ($10)
  • How to file for a no-fault divorce with no property to divide ($10)
  • How to file for support ($5)
  • How to file an in forma pauperis (IFP) petition ($1)
  • How to file an appeal from a license suspension ($5)
  • How to file an appeal from a vehicle registration suspension ($5)
  • How to file a involuntary transfer of vehicle Title ($5)
  • How to file a summary appeal ($5)
  • How to file for expungement (ARD) ($5)
  • How to file a petition for a name change ($5)
  • How to file certain types of actions at a Magisterial District Court ($5)
  • How to file certain types of actions in the Register of Wills office ($10)

For additional info see the Lancaster Bar's Self-Help Resources Page.