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LBA Membership Categories:


Any member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is eligible for full membership if a law office or principal residence in Lancaster County is maintained or has previously been a full member of the association.


Public Sector Members

For those who are employed full-time by a public interest agency or by a federal, state or local government agency.


Associate Members

Any member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania who does not qualify for full membership, and any attorney admitted to the bar of the highest court of another state or foreign country. Not eligible to vote.


Retired Members

Any person who (i) retires from the practice of law in this Commonwealth or is otherwise on inactive status and is in good standing, (ii) is at least 50 years of age at the time of ceding his/her PA law license, (iii) was a full member of the Association for at least 10 years, and (iv) who at the time of ceding his/her PA law license or .going on inactive status was an active member of the Association. Not eligible to vote.


Emeritus Members

A member who has paid dues regularly for at least 50 years, has reached the age of 70 years, and is an active practitioner of the Bar in good standing. A written request must be made to become an Emeritus Member.  


Law Student

Any person enrolled in good standing at any accredited school of law. Not eligible to vote.


Why Join the LBA?

Professional Development:

  • High-quality CLE programs and multi-credit CLE summits, and PBI live-streaming with state-of-the-art digital equipment.
  • Social events and networking opportunities throughout the year, connecting you to colleagues, the local bench, law students, and business partners from other industries.
  • Discounted prices on technology and services that enhance your practice, including Amaze Law, Client Conflict Check, and LexHelper.  


  • Discounts at local gyms and wellness services. We know that your practice benefits from your mental and physical well-being, which is why we try to make wellness services accessible and affordable. 
  • Discounted tickets to family activities and social outings, including Hersheypark, Walt Disney World, and a variety of other destinations through TicketsatWork.


  • Members of the LBA make up a community of hard-working and dedicated professionals who go above and beyond for their practice and community. As a member, you are connected with colleagues and peers who hold a wealth of experience and knowledge that cannot be matched.


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Please send your application to the LBA at 28 East Orange Street, Lancaster, PA 17602 or to Elizabeth at